Choosing a Lab Grown Diamond

The stats for lab grown diamonds awareness and sales have been impressively on the rise ever since the FTC stepped in to help legitimize the category with their 2018 revised Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries. Specifically, by removing the term natural from the Basic Definition of Diamond and by encouraging the use of the term lab-grown instead of the accurate-but-commonly-misunderstood term synthetic, they opened the door for lab grown diamond promoters (such as the IGDA) to finally be able to educate consumers on a fair playing ground.
That said, stats and education are not particularly sexy. Mined diamonds still have decades of advantage being promoted as symbols of ultimate and everlasting love. So how do you help customers love their choice? Sprinkle a little romance into your promotion efforts and your face-to-face conversations. There’s plenty to go around:
I’ll Have What They’re Having: Of course, if celebrities are wearing them, we want some too! Numerous A-listers, royals, and influencers have been spotted wearing, and even promoting, lab grown diamonds. But just a word of caution, the columns, and tabloids that report on these celebs often tout their environmental causes and sustainability efforts. Rather than taking sides, we recommend simply noting the beauty of the pieces and their equally beautiful models!
Science is Hot: Ladies magazines and popular romcoms will tell you that geeks, dorks, and nerds make the best romantic partners ever. If your customers fit the profile, turn them on to the cutting-edge science of a gemstone hot off the (state-of-the-art) press. Pull-on their heartstrings by equating the way love and lab grown diamonds grow from seeds nurtured with care.
Honeymoons Rock: With lab-grown diamonds running approximately 20 to 40% less than equivalent mined stones, there’s more to spend on other expenses. Yes, young people today probably have lots of those, but any savings can be romanticized as a ‘honeymoon period’ booster, or as applicable to an actual honeymoon – consider an Airbnb or VRBO gift card instead of a bottle of champagne as a thank you!
With hundreds of finished and semi-mount lab grown engagement rings in-stock or ready to be customized, and thousands of loose, lab grown diamonds in our live-and-up-to-date inventory to choose from, we’re here to help make dreams come true – without compromising size, quality, style, or excitement.