Top 10 songs about chains

Planning this week’s post about Chain Trends somehow put Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain on auto-repeat in yours truly’s head for a little too long.  Seemed the only way out of this earworm was finding another chain-related song, and it turns out there are plenty to choose from! You may want to question our song ranking but cut us some slack for choosing those with family-friendly lyrics and we couldn’t resist several oldie-but-goldies (pun definitely intended!). As for the necklaces we’ve chosen to pair with the songs, we promise they are all on point, bestselling and trendy! Here Goes:



Click image to view product Aretha Franklin Chain of Fools
Surely you haven’t been so foolish as to have missed the currently hot, elongated links ‘paper clip’ style chains. Much as we love the Queen of Soul, we can’t say that we agree with her assertion that “every chain has a weak link.”
The Pretenders Back on the Chain Gang
“I found a picture of you.” Try not to sing o-o-ooh o-o-ooh. We’re sure Chrissie Hynde would approve of these Billie Eilish-inspired hefty Cuban-link necklaces in your choice of white metal.
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Click image to view product

Diana Ross Chain Reaction
“I’m In the Middle of a Chain Reaction\You Give Me All the After Midnight Action”.  With current trends, let’s change that to “I’m in the middle of a graduated chain reaction…


Eurythmics I Love You Like A Ball and Chain
Let’s say the ball is a bead, and it’s used as an attractive stopper on an always-useful adjustable chain. What’s not to love?
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  Nick Jonas Chains
“Tried to break the chains but the chains only break me” Sort of a love song, sort of hopelessly trapped but unbreakable chains for jewelry? Yes please! 
Selena Gomez Off the Chain
The lyrics say, “You make me feel amazing, and I can't explain, your love is off the chain” We can’t explain it either, but maybe a lariat? Still as popular as ever, especially with tassels. They will make you feel (and look) amazing!
  The Supremes Chain Gang
There are a lot of songs referencing the indignity of chain gangs, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Sam Cooke’s eerily upbeat hit. The rhythmic Hoh! Ah! thuds on the rail-ties lend themselves all too well to the music. Pair with hardware styles.
Boney M No More Chain Gang
The Hoh! Ahs! turn to No! No! in this protest-meets-campy song from the golden days of disco.  Reversible Omega styles are the ultimate office to night-out two-for-one accessory.
  The Highway Men There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang
We agree. Jennings and Cash also argue that there’s no good in an evil-hearted woman, but we wouldn’t know any of those. Just sayin…
Fleetwood Mac The Chain
Back to where we started; an oldie that definitely holds up to time. We can still hear them singing they would never break the chain! Pair with a timeless classic that never goes out of style.