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Steinhausen Heritage Burlwood Double Watch Winder with Storage

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The Steinhausen Heritage Watch Winder is a luxurious and elegant watch winder case that is crafted exclusively out of a handsome wood. The interior houses a gorgeous leatherette that complements the color of the wood excellently. Its stylish nature makes it a watch winder that you will want to display on any shelf as it winds. Furthermore, this watch winder comes with a clear window that provides a view into the box as the watch winds. Simply open the easy access top, insert your favorite timepiece and choose your setting. Close the box and allow the watch winders to work their magic. Then, return to the watch when you are ready to wear it again. It is that simple! Automatic watches are a great addition to any watch enthusiast's collection. They do not involve much attention when it comes to winding them, as they function off of the movement of your arm and wrist to power the winding mechanism. As a timepiece collector, you likely have more than one automatic watch that you enjoy wearing. When it comes time to cycle out one watch for the next, ensure that your automatic watch is still going to be running smoothly when you put it back on with the Steinhausen Heritage Watch Winder.

Handcrafted out of beautiful wood, the Steinhausen Heritage Watch Winder has a piano grade varnish that give it a high gloss finish. The interior is made of a custom leatherette that compliments the beautiful wood.
Built to last with a ultra quiet motor that can be powered by either a AC adapter or batteries assuring you that the winder will always be powered. With multiple modes to choose from the Steinhausen Heritage Watch Winder is sure to extend the life of all of your timepieces.
Take good care of your handsome automatic timepieces by ordering the Steinhausen Heritage Watch Winder now.

  • Length of Item

    9.5 in

  • Width of Item

    10.5 in

  • Height

    8.5 in

MAINTAIN THE FUNCTIONALITY OF YOUR TIMEPIECE When you aren't wearing your automatic watch, ensure that it is running as it should with this automatic watch winder that has multiple modes for all automatic watches.
BEAUTIFUL BOX DESIGN that is 100% hand made from beautiful wood, has a piano grade varnish that gives it a high gloss finish, interior features custom leatherette for a luxurious appeal.
STRIKING DISPLAY WINDOW This watch winder will display your timepiece for all to see through its clear viewing window, while protecting the watch from outside elements.
EASY ACCESS CASE To insert and remove the watch, just lift the winder watch box lid up and close it back down. Powered by either a AC adapter or batteries.
BUILT TO LAST This watch winder box is made with durable materials that can serve your needs for years to come.

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